NBO-Workshop: Reinforcing the links between industry, research and biotechnology education

Day: Tuesday, 13.06.2017
Time: 9:00 to 12:00
Lunch: from 12:30 (individual or on invitation)
Room: NTL, Balling hall

Target group:
This workshop is generally open to everybody who is interested.
In particular, students making decisions about their future careers and SMEs seeking collaborations with universities are encouraged to participate in the discussions.

The objective of this workshop is to facilitate a focussed discussion on the future of university education in biotechnology and to stimulate the mutually beneficial links between research, education and industry (encompassing both global corporations and SMEs). The implications for current biotechnology students on Master’s or PhD programmes as well as future graduates will be explored.

Scientists from both universities and the industry, students and their lecturers, experienced European entrepreneurs, key opinion leaders and policymakers will discuss their personal experience of the scouting and development of new business opportunities in (microbial) biotechnology.

New Business Opportunity (NBO) Analysis represents an innovative, cross-disciplinary teaching/learning format that uniquely combines the development of generalist entrepreneurial skills with in-depth subject-specific knowledge. Current stakeholders in the NBO-programme at the ZHAW in Wädenswil will share their vision and experience, paving the way for a discussion on future collaboration between academia and industry on biotechnology education.
Further information on the NBO is available at: 

The detailed workshop programme will be announced shortly.