Book of Abstracts

All abstracts will be published in a Book of Abstracts (with ISBN).

Download the Book of abstracts here.

Special Issue of Biotechnology Advances

Selected reviews derived of oral presentations will appear in a Special Issue of the journal of Biotechnology Advances (Elsevier, ISSN 0734-9750, 5-year Impact Factor: 11.847). Biotechnology Advances is a review journal which considers all aspects of the multidisciplinary field. The scope includes biotechnology principles and applications in industry, agriculture, medicine, environmental concerns and regulatory issues. The symposium participants who are delivering oral presentation and are interested to publish review are requested to send a short abstract of the intended review (not identical with abstract of oral presentation) up to February 28, 2017 March, 30, 2017 in electronic form by e-mail to the editors in of this special issue and The recommendation or refusal of the topic proposal will be announced at latest on April 30, 2017. The recommendation of the submission of the approved review topic does not mean review acceptance. All reviews will have to pass regular peer review process. Thus all potential review writers are required to read carefully the Instruction for authors and to follow them closely.
The reviews will be submitted by the regular Elsevier system. It is only necessary to note that the paper is submitted for special Biotechnology Advances issue „SI: Prospects in Biotechnology“.
For reading the reviews already published in Biotechnology Advances, including of those from previous symposia  (Biotechnology Advances, Volume 31, Issue 1 ,pp. 1-128 (January–February 2013 and Volume 33, Issue 6, Part 2, November 2015) see here.

Important Dates:

March 30, 2017         Submission of review proposals
April 30, 2017             Recommendation or rejection to submite paper via  regular submission process
July 15, 2017              EES will be open for submissions
August 30, 2017         The submission deadline. EES submission will be closed
February 1, 2018        The expected publication date

Special Issue of Bioprospect

Publication options for young starting authors in Bioprospect. Publication is possible in special issue of the reviewed journal of the Czech Biotechnology Society „Bioprospect“. Papers written according to the „Instructions for authors“ may be send to the editor in chief Petra Lipovová ( up to deadline submission on July 15, 2017. Expected publication date is February 1, 2018.


The manuscript must be provided with the full name of authors, the institutions name and with e-mail addresses. Text is presented in a MS Word (doc, docx, rtf) format, single line spacing, font Arial, font size 11. The size is not restricted.
The article contains the following sections: title, authors and institutions, e-mail address of the corresponding author, introduction, text divided into chapters, conclusions, references, summary and keywords in English, summary and keywords
References are numbered according to their appearance in the text and as an exponent (without parentheses) in the appropriate place in the text.

Horgan AM, Moore JD, Noble JE, et al.: Trends Biotechnol. 28, 485 (2010)
Lowestein KA: Silicones. A Story of Research. Wiley, New York 2006
Fujiki M. (2008): Helix generation, amplification, switching, and memory of chromophoric polymers.
In: Amplification of Chirality, Topics in Current Chemistry 248. (Soai K. ed.), Springer, Berlin, 119-201.
Novak Z.: Diploma Thesis, ICT Prague 2008., downloaded 1stSeptember 2011
Tables are numbered by Roman numerals. Each table is provided with a name and description placed above the table.
Pictures are numbered in Arabic numerals (example format Fig. 1)
Each image must be provided with a legend. Pictures should be sent separately in a common format such as tif, jpg (resolution 300 dpi). More information can be found on

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