Oral presentation

To apply for oral presentation please submit the abstract of your contribution written in English via registration system and select the session you want to present your results. Abstracts will be reviewed and evaluated on the basis of scientific merit, novelty and practical application. Authors will be informed about acceptation or their contribution for oral presentation by e-mail. The lenght of the oral presentation is 20 minutes unless otherwise stated (for detailed information see Scientific Program).

Speakers are encouraged to submit their presentations before the morning session is started. They will be given the opportunity to go through their slides in the break prior the start of their session.

If you cannot meet your commitment to deliver an oral presentation, please, kindly provide a replacement speaker on the same or relevant topic and immediately inform the Organizing Committee via e-mail.

In case of any difficulties (delay to the conference, illness, etc.) please contact immediately the members of Organizing Committee via e-mail.

Poster presentation

All registered participants can submit a poster for the conference. As long as criteria of scientific and formal quality are met, contributions to the poster session are open to any biotechnology research topic beyond the main scope of the lectures.

All posters should be printed no larger than 120 cm (height) by 90 cm (width). Authors should use the dedicated poster board labeled with numbers according to Book of Abstracts, the drawing pins will be provided. If you need assistance please note that student volunteers will be present during the installation to assist the authors.

Posters should be posted up on Wednesday, June 14, 2017 from 8:00 at the orchestra of National Technical Library and removed on Friday, June 16 at 12:00. Presenters are responsible for dismantling of posters. Posters left remaining after that time will be disposed of and are not the responsibility of BioTech 2017 organizers. Please do not leave the poster transportation cases by the poster desks unattended, you may utilize a storage room at the registration, otherwise the conference organizers are not responsible for their theft.

Best Poster Awards

This competition is open to all participants who will present a poster. The members of Scientific Committee will evaluate the posters based on the abstract quality and on personal presentation in selected times (will be specified in the program).

The prize winners will be announced and the prizes will be awarded on Friday, June 16 in Balling Hall (for details see Scientific Program).

Virtual poster presentations

Authors who cannot attend the conference due to the visa issues, travel restrictions or lack of funding are encouraged to present a virtual poster. All authors of virtual posters should be registered and send their abstracts via the registration system. As soon as criteria of scientific quality are met authors will be invited by e-mail to submit their poster presentation in standard PDF format (size of poster 120x90 cm). The posters will be printed by Organizers and presented during the poster sessions. A photograph of poster will be sent by e-mail to authors.

Abstracts of virtual posters will be included in Book of Abstract as fully qualified scientific presentation. A PDF version of Book of Abstract that will be sent to authors electronically.

Please note authors of virtual posters cannot participate in the Best poster awards competition.




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